Chivas Third Jersey - 18/19

*If you don’t want the case with a name and number, write: ‘No Name’ under the boxes.


  • Ultra thin TPU case made of flexible, shock-resistant rubber with raised edges for extra edge protection. 
  • The inner dotted marks prevent yellowing and air bubbles.


  • Outstanding print quality and reliability.
    • Ink has high durability including excellent scratch resistance.
    • Amazing color representation with vibrant solid colors for the design.

    *FM logo DOES NOT appear on the real case. We use it only to prevent our designs from being stolen.

    Team List:

    1 A. Rodríguez
    2 O.Alanís
    3 C.Salcido
    4 J. Pereira
    5 H. Marín
    6 E. Hernández
    7 O.Pineda
    9 A. Pulido
    10 E. López
    11 I. Brizuela
    13 G. Sandoval
    14 Á. Zaldívar
    15 M. Benítez
    17 J. Sánchez
    24 C. Cisneros
    25 M. Pérez
    28 M. Basulto
    29 R. Cisneros
    30 R. Cota
    31 A. Cervantes
    32 M. Jiménez
    35 A. Torres